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KIDS I’m big on experiences, especially with kids – going to hands-on museums, the childrens’ theatre, farms, anywhere they can learn through touch and play, and engage all their senses. I really miss taking the kids to these various places (pandemic and all) and was eager to fill this void and keep us busy at home.  Here are my top picks: Kiwi Crate and Koala Crate  photo credit: Kiwi Crate Co. Deciding to subscribe to this box was easy for me because I knew one of the co-founders and trusted her. But I have become a big fan of the brand independently of that relationship. We’ve been subscribing to the Kiwi Co. boxes for 2.5 years and absolutely LOVE them. The boxes come with plenty of activities that could easily entertain you all month long. My 6.5yr old daughter loves the Kiwi Crates (ages 5-8). They blend art and science in a super fun and colorful way. Each box is themed and comes with a science experiment and art project. These past couple of months featured mirror illusions, coral reefs, and treasure hunts. My 4yr old has been receiving the Koala Crates (ages 2-4, but will work great up to age 5), and loves the craft, pretend play element and story that comes with each themed box. Some of his recent favorites include the farm (he walked around with the farm “crate” he built for over a week!), glowing nature, rainbows, rainforest, music…  We’ve designated our own crate as the “Kiwi Crate” where he keeps all the pretend-play pieces that come with every box (great quality, has lasted over a year). I even surprised my husband with a 6-month subscription to the EUREKA Crate (ages 14-104) which he loved (and actually enjoyed doing on his own without the kids). The website is super easy to navigate. Crates range in ages and interests from baby-to-adult, and the website also offers many free DIY tutorials (for free) for various projects to do at home.  Crates start at $20/month. MOM TIP: This is a GREAT gift for grandparents to gift to grandchildren. They can decide on the length of subscription (one month – one year and ongoing), and will definitely enjoy receiving pictures of all the creations! GIFTING TIP: Looking for a creative gift for an ADULT in your life? The EUREKA CRATE is perfect for those with an engineering mind, and the MAKER CRATE is the right fix for the crafter in your life. You can set up a subscription (as few as 3 months), or buy individual projects. Curious to try? Use this link and get 50% off your first month (*full discloser: I’ll get $10 off a future month, so thanks 🙂 Play On! Kits / The Bay Area Children’s Theatre Photo Credit: Bay Area Childrens Theatre This is a brand new subscription that launched this winter.  We are HUGE FANS of the Bay Area Childrens’ Theatre. As members, we’ve attended all their performances for the past 3 years. One of the things my kids miss most during the pandemic is going to the theater and musicals produced by the Bay Area Childrens’ Theatre. These are low-tech productions, intimate shows, and SUPER creative and imaginative. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Enter the PlayOn! kits. We just received our 2nd kits, and we love them! They are marketed as “an audio musical adventure for the whole family”. Personally, I’ve never come across something like this. The audio element (which you access using a passcode) brings the story in the box to life and transforms you into an actor in the adventure.  If you’ve been to their live musical performances – these boxes bring the sound effects and creative lyrics into your home. The box itself delivers fun props and art projects to use during the experience. AND you can sign up for live (zoom) drama classes with some of the theatre actors. Best of all – these kits (and any other donations you make) help sustain the theatre during the pandemic. We can’t wait to be back there in person! Click here to subscribe and to support the theatre. The Preschool Box Photo Credit: The Preschool Box Our little guy is 4 and REALLY misses preschool this year. Since we chose to keep the kids home during the pandemic, and he’s super jealous of his sister zooming through first grade, I’ve been trying to come up with some special activities for him. I did well for a while but kept falling short. So I did some research and discovered the Preschool Box. We’re only on our 3rd box, but so far, I’m super impressed.  The box is filled with enough activities to keep you busy all month long, and they are just right for his ability and attention span. It’s packed up well so you can find all your materials and instructions, and I really (REALLY) appreciate that it doesn’t include any of the “empty” fillers – you really do use everything in the box. MOM TIP: We’re excited to go back to school in September, but in the meantime (and probably after), our little guy is really enjoying learning his numbers, letters, colors, sorting and doing it all through engaging art and activities. We will definitely keep this subscription going even when we’re back at school in person! Boxes start at $32.95. Click here to subscribe. Days United Photo Credit: Day United In our family, daddy (my husband) grew up celebrating Christmas, and mommy (I) grew up celebrating Jewish holidays, so our family has chosen to celebrate the best of both worlds. I was introduced to the Days box many years ago (maybe as one of their very early customers, not sure… ) long before the boxes were appropriate for my kids, but I’ve LOVED them, since the very first box, and have been holding on to all the different parts. These boxes are such a unique and creative way to introduce the holiday to kids and friends, incorporating arts and crafts,