A CORNER OF MY HOME I love how bright, airy, and calm our kids’ bathroom is. The double vanity and mirror were there when we moved in. The color palette is cool, with muted shades of green and grey (the quartz counter is white dusted with light grey. Since we are such huge fans of bath bombs and use them regularly, I store them in a large glass container on the counter for an added splash of color. BTW – these are my favorite organic bath bombs for everyday use for kids. They are also great as party favors! My own little escape includes these jasmine bath bombs and these gardenia bath bombs from Spa Pure Spa Girl. They smell divine. I have them stocked in a glass apothecary jar in my master bathroom. Designer/Mom Tip: If you have young kids and want to empower independence, you can set them up for success without compromising style.  When you have a double vanity, invest in a stylish step-stool, and designate one of the sinks as a kids’ sink. I love this 3-in-1 adjustable stepstool from Little Partners. It comes in a variety of colors to complement any bathroom. Pick a color that blends in rather than stands out for a calmer effect.  As kids grow older, and need less of a boost, you can also transition to the Wildkins two-step wooden stool (also available in some great colors.) For now, it makes me happy. What do you think? ’till next time – cheers! s