It's your time to Shine

Every morning, at drop-off, I kiss my kids, and repeat the same words: ‘BE KIND TO YOURSELF, BE KIND TO OTHERS, AND REMEMBER YOU ARE AWESOME!

For decades I have focused my whole energy on the people in my world. It has taken me years of hard work (and professional help) to start believing in my own worth and prioritize my happiness. I want my kids to grow up knowing in their core how awesome they are, and to not depend on anyone for that validation. 

Now I’m on a mission to help fellow mamas feel awesome.

Part organized design expert, part event designer, part image consultant, part cheerleader. Full-time mom, wife, and friend. My mission is to bring sparkle and joy into your life. Together we create the space that enables you to thrive in your body, your home, and your relationships. Every morning, every day.

I’m Shiri.
A retired Experiential Marketer turned Mommy Stylist.
Since 2012, I’ve been helping busy moms create their happy places – in their homes, bodies, and lives.
I’m so happy you’re here!


Designers' primary focus is the aesthetics of a space, while professional organizers are trained to focus on functionality. With organized design, you get the best of both worlds. Who said you can't have a beautiful space that functions just right for you and your family needs?


HOW you use the space

WHO you share the space with

WHERE you tend to use specific items

WHEN you spend time in certain rooms

WHAT types of textures and materials fit into your lifestyle

WHY certain things have (or haven’t) worked for you in the past.


I believe we can implement organized design concepts into every aspect of our lives – not just the physical space.



Together we clear the physical and mental clutter and enable them to ‘create their happy’ — in their homes, lives, and relationships. I’ve been busy – and happy.

I finally launched my blog so that I can hopefully help fellow mamas create more space in their lives.

You’ll find a growing list of resources on basically, everything —  from organized design ideas for your home, party planning guides, and gift recommendation, to shopping lists, quick & healthy recipes, how-to guides, personal styling tips, health and beauty must-haves, and so much more. 

Whatever has led you here, I hope you find something that will make you smile, something that will bring you joy, and something that will help you create YOUR happy.

I hope to grow this to a collection of ideas and a trusted guide that you’ll enjoy coming back to often. If there’s something specific you’d like me to write about, please let me know! I can’t wait to meet you!


  • I have been working with busy moms and families in the San Francisco Bay Area. since 2011. But even before that — 
  • Moving 20 times before I turned 25 probably set me down the path of becoming a professional organizer.​
  • Serving as a Special Ops Sergeant in the IDF (Israeli Air Force) sharpened my ability to manage the smallest details while never letting go of the big picture.​
  • Redesigning 100 bachelor pads in the span of 7 years set in motion my desire to create spaces that integrate fun and playfulness with style and comfort.​
  • 15yrs of developing marketing experiences in the Tech and Hospitality industries taught me how to focus on people and experiences (rather than my vision of how they should experience “things” and spaces).  ​
  • 25yrs volunteering for various philanthropic causes has developed my ability to be agile with budgets and creatively solve problems.​
  • 30 yrs producing events (from kids’ birthday parties to international tradeshows, and everything in between) still gets my creative juices flowing and makes me giddy. ​
  • As a certified bartender, I always pour a mean cocktail.  ​
  • As a certified color consultant, I introduce you to unexpected color palettes that work.  ​
  • As a certified image consultant, I pull you out of your comfort zone and make you feel fabulous. Just the way you are. ​

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