Hi there! I'm Shiri.

I'm Your Mommy Stylist.

I’ve spent 15 years as a marketer, creating opportunities for people to experience products and places. I had a blast, and I will forever be passionate about branding and experiential marketing, but when I had a chance to try something new, I couldn’t resist not following another passion of mine – decor and organized design. 

2 decades ago, what started off as haphazardly helping a few bachelors, quickly shifted into working with over 100 young men in San Francisco and helping them redesign their spaces. The biggest compliment was hearing back from someone that got engaged and who’s fiancée opted keeping his stuff over her own. When I re-launched my business full-time in 2011, my focus was on organizing and decorating spaces for young families. My goal was to create spaces that were both functional and stylish, and reflected the personalities of everyone in the home. My favorite outcome has always been hearing from my couples that they feel more connected to each other, that romance is back, and that they have the space and the time to really enjoy family life together.

Organizing and decluttering always involved master closets, and I’ve always been amazed at how much of an impact a well-organized and personalized wardrobe had on my clients. As I was helping clear out more closets, I felt it was my obligation to better understand fit and color, so I ventured out on my own personal journey, discovering color, cut, fabrics, and accessories, and in 2013 got my certification as a professional wardrobe consultant and color consultant.

Since then, I have helped moms feel fabulous about themselves, and dress their bodies for right now. Be it a corporate dress code, yoga pants, or a special occasion, I want to help you feel fabulous just the way you are right now.

I am a mother of two sweet growing humans, a full-time PTA mom, am married to the love of my life, and am my own client. I’ve struggled with infertility and loss, battled postpartum depression, PPA, and unexpected postpartum health complications. I’m in the trenches with you. I can’t deal with big messes around the house, and hate being the one cleaning up after everyone. I know how important it is to prioritize taking care of myself, and it is still a huge personal struggle. But I also know that we are better equipped to take care of those who need us most when we take better care of ourselves; and I’ve discovered a million different products, services, tips, and tricks to make our lives as moms (both working and at home) easier and more fulfilling.

I’m on a mission to spread this knowledge and connect you with what is missing in your life to make it saner, calmer, and more satisfying. Consider me your fairy godmother, Let’s create your happy place. Let’s make life magical


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For those wondering, what the heck does “SHIRFUL” mean? ~
I moved to the US as a teenager (long before Siri was invented) and was often called “sherry”.  My name is pronounced SHEEE/REEE (it means “my song” in Hebrew), and it drove me bonkers when people got it wrong. So I would (and I still do) introduce myself as “Shiri, like cheery, but with an “s”.  Which was also pretty easy to remember because I’ve always been a cheerful person (Ha!). When I got my driver’s license, a friend joked and said I should get a personalized license plate “shirful” because my car is filled with “shiri and cheerfulness”.  

Fast forward to college, when personal email service was invented (yup, I’m that old), and I snagged shirful@….com. When it was time to come up with my business name, I just couldn’t imagine it being anything else. Still no personalized license plate, but in the meantime, you get to engage with me, my passion (bringing cheer, optimism, and joy into the lives of others), and my designs, which are all Shiri-full and cheer-full –> SHIRFULdesigns! 


Mommy Stylist, Shiri Weinstein, brings organized design into the homes, wardrobes, and lives of busy moms. #createyourhappy | SHIRFULDESIGNS | Burlingame, CA | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.