I am Your Fairy Godmother

Part organized design expert, Part event designer, part image consultant, part cheerleader.
Full time (PTA) mom, wife and friend. My mission is to bring sparkle and joy back into your life.
​Together we create the space that enables you to thrive in your body,​ your home, your relationships.

It’s time to give yourself a break. It’s time to embrace the idea that you ARE enough. just the way you are. It’s time to prioritize carving out time and space to rediscover what brings you joy.  It’s time to pick up tricks that will make life easier.  It’s time to nurture your needs so you can be more present and happy in your most cherished relationships. The time for change is now! 

Style Your Life

You don’t have the bandwidth (or creative brains) to pull it together yourself, but you still want to make those special moments in life extra special. You want to surprise your guests with unique party favors, or find the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone, or need help getting gifts wrapped in time and under the tree, decorating the house for a special event, or finding the right setting and complimenting outfits for your next family photoshoot.

Organized Home Design

Shift away from living in constant chaos. Decorate and learn to organize your home to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle (and while we’re at it – let’s make room for grownup space and romance too!)

Image Makeover

Stop punishing yourself and learn how to love (and dress) your body right now. Discover accessories, makeup, and other tips and routines that will help you complete your look and feel fabulous and “put together” in 7 minutes or less.


Mommy Stylist, Shiri Weinstein, brings organized design into the homes, wardrobes, and lives of busy moms. #createyourhappy | SHIRFULDESIGNS | Burlingame, CA | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.