Packages & Pricing

Since each client and each project comes with its individual needs, each project is defined and priced individually.  And since I consider my clients my partners and I understand how personal this experience is, I offer unlimited email access with all my packages.

Every project starts with a free 30-minute discovery call.  My intention is not just to come in and help you “clean up” but help you understand why things haven’t worked until now and find the best long-term solutions that work for you. 

This first 30-minute complimentary phone session is set up to help us both get to know each other and make sure we feel comfortable working together and moving forward with the project.  

​I will ask you about your space, your wish list, your timeframe, your budget, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

You can ask me anything.

My hourly rate is $100/hour, and I highly recommend you take advantage of one of the following packages.  Paid in full in advance, and expire if not used within 6 months from sign-up date, the hourly rate is discounted as follows:

  • 10-hour package includes a 5% discount: $950  ($50 off $1000). 
  • 20-hour package includes a 10% discount: $1800 ($200 savings off $2000)
  • 40-hour package includes a 15% discount: $3400 ($600 savings off $4000) 

All multi-hour packages include an additional 4 hours of my time researching product recommendations specific to the project we are working on together.  Some of my clients enjoy researching and shopping for their own products, they simply need to be pointed in the right direction.  For those opting in, my research/shop services past the initial 4 hours are billed at 50%.

​In other words – you get 2 hours of shopping/research for the price of one hands-on hour with me.

For those excited about letting go of excess, but don’t have the bandwidth to go about town and drop off donations, recycling, shred, and shop for your organization and design needs, I offer a VIP service to take care of it all.  Ask me for additional details.

Staging projects include initial assessment, paint color recommendations, furniture placement, accessorizing (2-week rental of linens, artwork, lighting, decor, etc.), vendor recommendation/ management, and working with current residents to prepare the home for showing.  Priced per project.  Ask me for additional details.


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