Getting to Know You

I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you!   
My goal is to help you set up your home so that it fits your lifestyle and brings out your personality into the space.  If you share the space with anyone – our focus will be on merging your styles and preferences to create a space that allows everyone to feel relaxed and happy.  Please take a couple of minutes to answer the following questions.   This might not all make sense, but your answers will help me better understand what type of items (style, color, texture, etc) I should suggest to you. ​


  • Remember that there are no right or wrong answers.
  • Respond quickly and follow your first instinct.  We have a tendency to overanalyze, avoid that trap.   
  • When answering multiple choice questions: mark the response that resonates with you.
  • If you can’t narrow it down to one, pick the 2 statements that are most true to you. 
  • When answering open-ended questions: please answer with as much detail/information as you can.

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